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  • Mizuno Altrax 81 Racket (MZ-BF2039) (MZ-Altrax-81)

    MODEL NO: MZ-BF2039

    COLOR: Pearl White/ Black/ Red

    LENGTH: 675mm

    WEIGHT: 4U (82g)

    FLEX: Flexible

    BALANCE: 297mm

    GRIP SIZE: G4/G5

    MAX TENSION: 30lbs




    - Swirl Geometry

    Swirl Geometry is a unique frame geometry providing a twisted aerodynamic profile. The frame reflexively trace the biomechanics of your stroke, increasing head speed and manoeuvrability.


    - 3D Power Matrix

    The unique manufacturing process of interlinking and overlapping composite fibres that are woven over the frame creates a high resilient design. This seamless construction evenly dissipates the pressure that a racquet receives during aggressive play protects the underlying structure of the frame.


    - Xtra Slim Shaft

    The Xtra Slim Shaft reduces drag and enables the racquet to be highly responsive. The thickness of the shaft reduces overall racquet weight and thus creating high speed smashes with ease.


    - Hexagon Frame

    The racquet was developed with the new “Hexagon shaped Frame” which increased the swinging speed and overall improve execution with Power and more Control.

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